Gerhard Barkhorn's Bf109G-6 Illustration Progress
Barkhorn Bf109G-6 progress 072315 Bf109G-6-081915  
The First progress snap shot of Gerhard Barkhorn’s Bf109G-6 illustration. The prop blades took time to gradually build to black, using a 4H to HB leads, then a 8H and 6H lead to work the graphite into the illustration board to darken it further. I will be doing something a little different with this illustration, it’ll have a staff car.
I was all set to work on Gerhard Barkhorn’s Bf109G-6 illustration the last few days and this as far as I’ve gotten. I keep getting side tracked with commercial work..nothing ever goes accordingly to plan. I’m looking forward to doing Barkhorn’s portrait. I’ve got it all worked out in my mind’s eye, just need to illustrate it.
progress 090715 Bf109-progress110215  
Looking over my progress of Gerhard Barkhorn’s Bf109G-6... over all, I’m fairly pleased how the illustration is coming together. However, there are some areas I will need to darken to give the image more contrast. Gerhard Barkhorn’s portrait is coming along nicely.
I’m inching my way along on Gerhard Barkhorn’s Bf109G-6 illustration...well, inching maybe an exaggeration, LOL! I’ve spent time darkening and defining some areas to add contrast. I’m rather pleased how it’s all coming together, especially the subtle folds and pockets in Barkhorn’s flight jacket.
progress bf109 122215 Bf109G-6-Progress-012316  
Gerhard Barkhorn’s Bf109G-6 illustration is coming together, slowly. There isn’t any “Reset” or “Redo” button when using pencil and illustration board. You’ve got only one shot, so I take my time. No worries though, I doubt I’ll die of old age before this illustration is done, (I hope), LOL! Once again I see there are areas need more work.
Felling good about the Gerhard Barkhorn Bf109G-6 illustration coming together. Still, there are some areas that need refinements, but that is to be expected.
Bf109G6-progress Bf109-progress-051016  
It’s been a while since I’ve posted a progress snap shot of Gerhard Barkhorn and his Bf109G-6. However, focusing on every minute detail of the Bf109 is challenging, and fun. It enables me to reflect on the pilot and his aircraft. I didn’t want to get too far ahead of myself before posting another progress snap shot. I’m getting “revved up” about completing most of Gerhard Barkhorn. If you been following the progress snap shots you’ll notice I’ve been working from left to right and gradually down. This is to avoid any possible “smears” of graphite on the illustration.  
bf109G6-060816 Bf109-status-102316  
Other projects are slowing my progress on Gerhard Barkhorn’s Bf109 illustration. I’m still working on completed areas that need refining especially if they are darker like shadows.
Most of the intirical parts of Gerhard Barkhorn and his Bf109 are just about completed. There is still work to do, but the illustration is coming together nicely nearing it’s completion.
Bf109G-6-Progress Bf109G-6-progress-061817  
It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted a progress snap shot of Gerhard Barkhorn and his BF109G-6. It feels great to finally work on this illustration again. It’s been a very slow road back from shoulder surgery.
It’s been difficult trying to complete Gerhard Barkhorn and his Bf109G-6 with all the commercial projects I currently have in the pipe line, but I am getting close now.
bf109 progress Bf109G-6 progress  
Managed to make some progress on the Gerhard Barkhorn Bf109G-6 pencil illustration lately. Been distracted by a bunch of things demanding way too much of my time. Hoping to finish the illustration before the end of the month. Completed Barkhorn’s parachute. What’s left to do is “ding” up the 109 with paint chips and some oil streaks. A few areas need a little refining then add the grass and shadows.  
progress Bf109G-6    
Still a few areas to refine, but over all Gerhard Barkhorn and his Bf109G-6 illustration is finished. I want to take a couple days to review it before I seal the illustration.